Stuck In a Bug

The following takes place during multiple sessions and doesn’t include all the fooling around on private hive servers and custom maps while bugging on the public hive.

I spawned on the coast south of the Drakan port and immediately checked the possible loot. Didn’t find much, not even a hatchet. As I crawled my way out of the port I noticed another survivor right next to me, walking slowly and trying to avoid the zombies. I engaged in voice comms and he turned out to be fellow finn with equally bad gear. He aggroed two zombies so I told him to follow me to the nearby industrial hall. No hatchet there either, so we waited the zombies to lose interest on us.

The guy wanted to go on his way so I climbed the hill north to check the western face of it overlooking Elektro as it is a known sniper spot for the pro snipers shooting fish in the barrel. Nothing there except for an empty tent and some shots in the distance so I decide to leg it to the fire station. Nothing there and I’m starting to get thirsty so I think it’s time to screw the caution and just rush to the grocery.

I find some general gear, binocs and food and a crossbow with a single dart, woohoo. No room for a tent though, dunno if it would be any good anyway. A quick dash across the street to the south and I enter a bar. I aggroed a zombie or two on my way there but they quickly lose interest in me as they no longer see me. I head upstairs and find some a bigger backpack there. As I check the loot I start hearing shots from the outside. Not sure if it’s a fire fight or someone trying to keep the zombies at a distance. I check out the window and see a survivor in the grocery, checking the very same loot I checked just moments ago. I decide to wait until he leaves and then head to the second fire station.

A quick dash through the city and I enter the fire station with no incidents and carefully climb the tower. I find no better weapon and some survival gear but just as I’m done I hear aggravated zombies outside. Do they see through windows that high or is there someone down there coming for the tower loot? I go to the lowest elevated floor on the tower and hear foot steps. Definitely a survivor. As I try to decide whether or not I should try communicating through voice he darts up the stairs. I quickly aim away from him and lean left and right to show him I’m friendly. So much for being nice, regardless of me trying to show no bad intent I get a warm greeting along with shotgun pellets and die on the floor in a puddle of my own blood. Should’ve just shot him when I saw the bandit head-wrap but too late for second thoughts. Death 6.

Bugs All Over The Place

I end my session to the death screen and log out. On the next session I decide it’s time to stop being cautious and just run for the initial loot. But not so fast, mister! As I connect to the server and wait my time past the loading screens I get the UI icons and notice the shock indicator. Wth? Am I not dead after all? As I gain my vision I notice I’m not in the fire station tower anymore but on some beach like a fresh spawn. Next thing I know I fall unconscious and start bleeding. Nice. I wait for the hourglass indicator to progress but nothing happens. I’m gonna bleed to death. No, wait, the bleeding stops. The hourglass still shows no progress and as the UI has been unresponsive for some time now I decide to alt-tab to Windows and close the game. I restart the game and after loading I get the same, shock and instant uncon. But no bleeding this time.

The hourglass indicator doesn’t show any progress so I alt-tab away and quit the game. Maybe it’s the server bugging? I try on another server and get the same. Great. How am I supposed to play now? I start googling and find a lot of forum posts with the same problem but no solution, just some vague remarks about server admins being able to help. RL days go by and I don’t find a fix for the issue, although having no time to play I don’t seek very actively either. At some point I end up asking for help on the IRC and fellow survivors tell me I just have to wait some eight minutes to regain consciousness and then crawl my way to a zombie to die. Fukken ay! I give it a try and after one sudden disconnect it works but without the crawling, I finally die and when I respawn I’m as good as new.

Sorry, no map this time as all the action was in or near Elektro.

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