Trip to North (cont’d)

Oh my damn. It’s been so long since I last posted here I had to read my previous post just to memorize where I left.

The last post’s map doesn’t contain the last moments of that session in order to protect my backside in the very unlikely case I actually have someone reading this blog actively. I moved east where the trail ends and logged out on the southwest slope of Veresnik. Next time I was playing I had some friends online so I decided to head south to meet up with them.

We agreed to meet up in Nadezhdino so I quickly ran south across the fields, passed Rogovo from the west side and through Pogorevka. I then took a turn to left, heading southeast and moved towards Pulkovo.

My intention was to check any potential loot spots on my way so I wasn’t moving very fast. From Pulkovo I moved southeast to intercept the forest trail leading to Nadezhdino and followed it all the way to the village.

As I was making my way south my friends were moving north and then west from Elektro. They weren’t in a hurry either so I decided to check the farm south of Nadezhdino. While I was goofing around I get a message on voice comms that one of my friends got shot in the face and died. I decide to try and help the one surviving and ask for more accurate directions while I head east where I knew my friends were approaching from.

Regardless of asking directions many time I get none and the surviving friend ends up dead also. I notice my TeamSpeak has made a booboo and stopped voice activation, no matter what noise I make. No wonder I got no directions, they hadn’t heard anything from me for the past ten minutes or so. FML. After fixing the TS I head south where the respawned friends were.

I stop being too careful when I move in order to save time and meet up with the friends. I decide to check the farm northwest of Vysota and rush in mindlessly. Nothing valuable there so I make a decision to move on to the hill between Vysota and Cherno to maintain an overwatch of the city while my friends gather some basic loot there.

Not constantly scanning my surroundings cost me my life as I exited the barn. I hadn’t heard anything and up until this day I don’t know where the hostile survivor was, I just know I was shot from a point blank range and that quickly put me out of my misery. Great. All friends dead and gearless I decide to rage quit and try another day.

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