Death 1

After downloading Arma2, Arma2:OA and DayZ Commander, I had a bit of trouble getting the DayZ up and running. The DayZ Commander instructions are a bit vague, to say the least. Also had some trouble with the ISP and a flapping connection but finally managed to get the game running.

After wandering around for a while I came by a lighthouse with a dead player in front of it, wonder if the poor chap fell down or was shot. He didn’t have anything on him so I moved on. Having no clue where I was I decided to stay close to the coast as I knew there’d be some villages on it. I soon came to a village and deciphered the sign to read Komarovo and with a quick glance at I noticed in the very south-western corner of the map.

Having no earlier experience of the game I quickly noticed the zombies will spot me from quite far away and I spent a good while running away from them. Finally I found a hatchet from some coastal industrial building and I was ready to take on the zombies! I soon realized killing the zombies with a hatchet is no easy business, the zombies were scoring solid blows at me, no matter what I tried. Luckily I had bandages so I could patch my wounds and move along.

Soon enough food and water became a valuable commodity as the slain zombies carried none. I spent a couple of hours on the verge of starvation or dehydration while messing around Komarovo and trying to get a hang of things. When I discovered I can’t drink from a well without a water container I decided to make a run for it and headed to the Balota air strip. I found an MP5 from the control tower but the military hangars and the adjacent shack was of no use. The trip to the civilian hangars was equally uneventful.

I remembered seeing a military camp next to the air strip in some Youtube video so I decided to check it. None of the towers had anything useful in them (apart from a M1014, which I left there) so I was still close to dying. On the way to the third tower the zombies swarmed me, I ran out of ammo and the zombies broke my leg. I quickly fell into a shock and watched helplessly the zombies to eat me alive.

Gotta pay more attention to getting more food and drink next time.

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I'm a man with three passions (in no particular order, mind you): my family, cool gadgets (includes computers) and disc golf. I'm not too good with any of the mentioned, but I really do try. Honestly!
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