Where Credit Is Due

Here’s how I got introduced to DayZ. I first heard about DayZ from Tomi, a friend of mine. We were chatting over a pizza and he mentioned an apocalyptic zombie survival game. The concept sounded awesome and I decided to find out more. The mod’s own site didn’t offer too much info but it contained all the essential parts of the game:

  1. Scavenge
  2. Slay
  3. Survive

I then dug up gameplay videos from YouTube and started watching. The first videos were by a dude (sorry, I forgot your username) who recorded and narrated his gameplay on-the-go. The videos were mostly running around and quite uneventful, but they had enough to leave me longing for more. I wanted to see some action!

I stumbled upon Red who used to play with a mixed gender team. Their approach to the game on the parts I saw was quite close combat oriented which has never been my thing, but they also showed me the game has some awsum sniper rifles as well.

Having heard the gun AS50 mentioned in the previous videos I watched I decided to find some AS50 love from YouTube. I came across a seeming FPS veteran called Sacriel whose team concentrated on sniper tactics. Marksmanship has always been my passion both in games and in RL so I ended up spending hours and hours watching their gameplay and fine-tuned tactics. I also enjoyed how he explains stuff on the video, especially about the game mechanics concerning the marksmanship. After many videos I was pretty sure I’d spend the twenty-odd euros on Arma2 and check the mod out. I didn’t rush into the Steam store right away but kept on watching the videos and let the idea mature a bit. I also found another YouTube user called Frankie who has very cool gameplay footage as well.

I did come across some less serious videos which did show the gameplay but were too much ass-hattery to really interest me, but I guess it’s reasonable to thank all of you who have taken your time and uploaded some DayZ gameplay footage to the YouTube. In the end you’re the best PR the mod can have, even when not so serious about it :)

This is how I got introduced to the game, the rest you can read from the blog. I’ll try to keep track of my progress and deaths but bear with me if there’s some gaps on the posts.

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I'm a man with three passions (in no particular order, mind you): my family, cool gadgets (includes computers) and disc golf. I'm not too good with any of the mentioned, but I really do try. Honestly!
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