Quick Dash Across the Runway

Today I didn’t have too much time to play but I decided to log in anyway. I woke up exactly where I left last night and was thirsty as expected. Luckily I had stored some drinks for the occasion so I was able to hydrate my innards before moving towards the Balota airstrip civilian hangars.

The entire Balota airstrip run was a waste of time, I didn’t find anything useful. Found loads of ammo for high-powered rifles with no room to carry them and no weapons whatsoever. When I picked the server from the DayZ Commander I thought I was joining a server with plenty of daylight left. Oh how mistaken I was. As I made my (useless in hindsight) way through the military end of the airstrip I noticed the colours fading and realized the night was onto me. Damn.

Decided to check the medical camp next to the airstrip in case I’d find some weapons there. No luck. Looks as if someone went through the place just before me but I didn’t see anyone. I did find some semi useful stuff there, plus I found a bigger backpack, an assault pack! Finally some more space to carry junk around.

Anyway, the time for me was up so I headed out towards Cherno and decided to camp in the forest. This time I’m better prepared as I have more liquids with me. The hunting knife I found from the medical camp will surely help me survive. Now I only need to find some game from the forest, slay them with my hatchet and gut them. Raw meat, yummy. Can’t be too picky though, in the end it’s the apocalypse.

I thought the new players soawn randomly on the coast but the two times I’ve had this far have been near Komarovo, wonder if it’ll change. Also, I thought a spawning player would have no clue where they are but it seems the UI shows the approximate location briefly on the lower right corner before fading. Dunno if this is server-specific or something. One thing I’m proud of about this run is my headshot spree with the hatchet. How cool is that?

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I'm a man with three passions (in no particular order, mind you): my family, cool gadgets (includes computers) and disc golf. I'm not too good with any of the mentioned, but I really do try. Honestly!
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