Got Hax?

Well, shit. I think I just fell victim to a hacker. I didn’t die but it wasn’t far. Here’s a recap of the latest session.

I respawned at Drakon and decided I’d circle via Dobryy to the Elektro fire station. I spotted a tent laid in the conifer where the snipers usually camp, but the tent had been rendered unusable because of the bug/feature when laying them into the treeĀ  branches. I advanced to the fire station and managed to grab an AKM with some ammo. I could’ve taken a Winchester instead, but I decided to not to. I also found a PDW with a couple of clips, so now I was relatively safe from zombies. While searching the fire station I heard a player walk outside but never saw anyone, so I decided to leg it and headed north along the road.

I went past the Topolka dam checking the places as I went and then headed west towards Pusta. I had no food or drinks and I was starting to get dehydrated so I needed to move fast. I reached Pusta and rushed inside one of the red bircked houses, ignoring the zombies and managed to lose them. Finally some drinks, I was safe for now. I then continued southwards until I hit the power line and then followed it west until I arrived to Prigorodky. This is where I died the Death 2 and again I met another player inside the notorious barn. He wasn’t armed, so I told him he could keep anything he can get from the adjacent cowhouse and headed north into the woods.

I continued following the power line westward via small detour to Kopyto to walk across the little dam there and shortly arrived to Vysota. The barn there has possibility to drop quality loot so I went in and dug around a while. Next thing I know I pop into an airfield with seemingly all the other players on the server. Seems like I’m in Balota. Screams about “fucking hackers” in multiple languages ensue as evasive actions are taken and guns fired in order to survive. I get hit somewhere, start bleeding but manage to switch to my AKM (I kept the PDW in my hand and the AKM on my back to appear less of a threat to anyone possibly observing me go). I then fire my first shots at a survivor who was firing at me but I’m not sure if I hit or kill him. Either way, he deserved it with his bandit outfit even when it makes me feel bad to be forced to shoot at a survivor.

Still bleeding and in shock I rush towards the control tower to get some shelter and I have to shake off a couple of zombies on the way. I hide under the stairs and bandage myself. When the bleeding stops I’m around 1800 blood with blurred vision, degraded hearing and all the fun stuff. I had collected a couple of tins earlier so I eat them trying to reduce the constant loss of consciousness. The blood is now up around 2300 and I’m scared stiff as I hear local voice chat around me, hear guns being reloaded and hasty footsteps around me.

I keep hiding under the stairs for a while, pointing my AKM at the direction of the possible assault, but then decide I can’t hide there forever. I head upstairs and find some loot on the way and a body on the floor. I hear flies so I think he’s dead. I keep looting the top of the towers and when I turn around I see a guy taking a closet look at the body. I immediately ask him not to shoot and he agrees. Suddenly the body starts to move, so he was just unconscious and his buddy came to help him. They give me morphine and I think it helps some but they can’t help me more so I decide to leave. Before I head out I give one of my spare AKM mags to one of them as a sign of gratitude and then head out into the forest.


The post visualized on a map

At this point I hear my kid wake up from her nap so it’s time for me to log off. I throw myself flat on my face under a conifer and log off with low blood and no food with me, so this may turn out to be death 3. Unfortunately there’s no way to know until I log back in so fingers crossed.

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I'm a man with three passions (in no particular order, mind you): my family, cool gadgets (includes computers) and disc golf. I'm not too good with any of the mentioned, but I really do try. Honestly!
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