Death 4

The following happened during the time-span of a couple of days and consisted of multiple sessions, so this is a wrap-up of what happened. Only part of the events are depicted on the map below.

Short struggle and a recovery run

I woke up near the Balota airstrip and was in pretty bad shape. I kept loosing my consciousness every now and then, my vision was blurry, I couldn’t hear very well and so on. Everything to make surviving in a hostile environment a tad harder. It was night time so I resorted to the gamma cheat and headed to the civilian hangars. Didn’t find anything useful there and the close by medical camp was equally fruitless. At this point I decided to make a rush for the Cherno supermarket and managed to get there. Found some basic supplies but nothing to make my blood count go significantly higher.

I then moved on to the adjacent civilian building and then to the fire station. I didn’t find anything of interest so I decided I’d head towards the hospital. At some point I realized my vision stopped blurring and zombies were nowhere to be seen. That’s weird. I proceeded to the hospital, found some med supplies and moved on to check if there’d be any vehicles around. No luck. I then checked the apartment buildings in the outskirts of Cherno, the ones next to the other hospital. I managed to scavenge a watch and a revolver with some extra ammo. It was time to move on.

Red Streak

I moved north through the east side forest and followed the power lines to Vysota. My plan was to check the farm north of the power lines and see if I could get my hands on a hatchet. I arrived to the farm, vision still blurring and quickly went through the large barn. Didn’t find anything useful there. I moved on to check the adjacent cowhouse and finally I found the hatchet I had lost in Cherno. No, wait, what the heck? I had a hatchet in my backpack even though I thought I had lost it :O The entire trip here was useless. I decided to pull out of the cowhouse towards south and decide later where to go. I crawled out of the building and could hear a Z somewhere close. I tried crawling slowly, but managed to alert the zombie, so it was time to put the pedal to the metal. I sprinted out and jumped over a fence. I went past a bush and quickly threw myself on the ground to lose the zombie but no luck. The bastard got me regardless of the numerous .45 revolver shots I put into its chest. Being already low on blood it was the end for me, so back to the beginning.

Blue Streak

The next spawn was in Kamenka. Crap. It was miles to the body of my previous reincarnation. I thought I’d try to find some wheels while on my way there, but no luck. I did manage to find two dead survivors so I got some more bandages for me. I checked some of the buildings in Kamenka, but there was nothing for me, so I decided to leg it. I ran along the road and took a detour to the north to get past Komarovo without attracting zombies. I approached the Balota airstrip without hesitation, I hadn’t collected anything irreplaceable this far. I managed to find a G17 and an extra clip to it from the control tower and continued my way eastward.

From the civilian hangars I turned towards the inland and took course to intercept the power lines leading to the substation. My plan was to follow the power lines to my corpse and in general everything went as planned, just a slight detour as I took the wrong power line when almost there.

I quickly looted my corpse and dropped some junk to make more room for the necessities. I was out of food and food indicator was turning more and more red by the minute. I kept following the power lines east and took a small detour north in Kopyto to check if the helicopter was there. No luck. I kept going east along the power lines and this time I decided to leave the notorious barn alone. Instead I had decided I’d check the Pik Kozlova for the possible ATV. Still no vehicle for me :(

From Pik Kozlova I wen south to check the lighthouse at Cap Golova and if there would be some hidden tents. Didn’t find anything (not even the bicycle) so I headed east towards Elektro. I knew I didn’t want to go into Elektro but go around it. Sooner or later I must go into Elektro if I don’t find food elsewhere, but that’ll be another story. At the time of writing this the plan is to head inland and hope to find some game to slaughter and cook. Otherwise this will be another short incarnation for me.

Anyway, east I went and I crossed the Pusta road right where the road enters the forest. I continued east and headed towards the farm where I knew some high-end loot might pop up. Before I got there I heard someone cough and immediately hit the dirt. There it goes again! Wait, is that me coughing?I popped up the debug monitor and saw my blood drop in small fractions. Damnit, too much outside in the night, I caught cold. Luckily I had found some antibiotics from the Cherno hospital so I cured myself and went on.

Soon enough I arrived at the farm and went in. As I was rummaging around the barn I heard an engine somewhere quite close and I was sure the driver was coming to check the barn. A quick check for any valuables and a even quicker retreat into the forest. Didn’t hear the engine anymore but didn’t want to stay around in case they were onto me.

I decided it was time to log off and searched a nice location where I could hide, laid flat on my face under a conifer and disconnected. Gonna try and find some fellow finns to play with tonight, hopefully they’ll have some spare food for me.

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I'm a man with three passions (in no particular order, mind you): my family, cool gadgets (includes computers) and disc golf. I'm not too good with any of the mentioned, but I really do try. Honestly!
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